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During the last 35 years we have sold hundreds of thousands of these - our own plastic bobbins moulded as replicas of Denis Hornsby's turned wooden bobbins. They are described by Pamela Nottingham in her bestselling book 'Bobbin Lace Making' (Batsford 1983):

'Recently, one skilled bobbin maker to cope with the huge demand, has had plastic bobbins made to his own specification. Many lace makers avoid plastic as out of keeping with the craft, but these are quite exceptional in use and appearance'

Plain shank, available in brown. Price per bobbin.
BP-1: Plastic bobbin, plain shank.
Ornamental shank, available in brown. Price per bobbin.
BP-2: Plastic bobbin, ornamental shank.
Plastic bobbin BP-1 or BP-2, ready spangled with beads. Price per bobbin.

Polished wooden bobbins, continental style, tapered end. Price per bobbin.
BC-4: Continental style polished wooden bobbin. Tapered end.
Rosaline type, polished wooden bobbins. Price per bobbin.
BC-5:  Rosaline type polished wooden bobbin.
Bill's Basic Bobbins: Hand-turned wooden bobbins made to the same high standard as Billís other turned work - but less ornate. Produced in response to a request from a customer who wanted a quantity of well-turned, simple bobbins but whose budget was limited. Made in our choice of a variety of timber species. Weíre sorry - but we canít always tell you what the timbers are! Denisí workshop contained many thousands of bobbin blanks. He knew what he had and where but, unfortunately, he didnít label the stacks!
Billís Basic Bobbins are turned, sealed and polished in exactly the same way, and to the same high standard, as his other turned work.
BBB: Bill's Basic Bobbins. Midlands type
Billís Basic Bobbins now replace the earlier catalogue reference BE-1. To see more of Bill's hand-turned bobbins please visit the page dedicated to Bill's Bobbins.
£6.00 per pair, unspangled.
£8.00 per pair, ready-spangled with glass beads

Polished English Bobbins, Honiton type, turned by Bill Hornsby in a variety of woods. Price per bobbin.
BE-2: English yew bobbin. Honiton type